After 10 Years
I made this photo in 21st  March 1993 in Iran.
21 March is the first day of Persian Ancient Calendar that named (Norooz).
Norooz means: New Day, New Era...  
That day is also the birthday of my daughter.
She was 5 years of age.
With some of white flowers she made a sort of bouquet.
I made a photo from her hand offering the bouquet to the sky.
Later there was a photo exhibition by the subject <Flowers>.
I did send this photograph for that exhibition.
But the authorities in Iran is photo forbidden the photo.
When I asked them the reason, they told that :
(God has forbidden showing out the hand of a woman.)
They had noticed the golden ring on the her hand.
I told that it is the hand of my daughter and she is only 5 years old.
But they answered:
(We are representative of God on the Earth planet.
We know what is good or dangerous for society of Islam.
The hand of a woman with flowers is forbidden to exhibit and doesn't matter the age.)    

The authorities of Islamic regime in Iran even were scared of the hand of a 5 years girl,
offering flowers to the Sky, Heaven, God, Light, Future..    

Last year (2003) my daughter gave me an idea.
She told that about 10 years ago you made a photo from my hand and so...
Now after 10 years, make another photo with a flower offering to the sky.
And then after next 10 years another one and so on every 10 years..
Now it is that photo.... again life,life,life and love.