Joan of Arc
Guard:        You are arrested as a rebellion, a terrorist connected with Satan and bartered with devil as
             a criminal witch.
Joan:        This is slander. By so claiming, every ruler can destroy anyone by accusation of terrorism,
           apostasy and being possessed by Satan.
           Even every single one of these audience can be as such the victim.
Guard:      At early dawn, in the middle of the fire you shall become mindful!
Joan:        So let me tell your fortune.
Guard:       Oh, you slut now become a fortune teller.
Joan:        If you don’t burn me tomorrow, you shall be arrested and burned for cooperation with
            a criminal witch rebel terrorist.
            But if you burn me, after a period of time, the authorities of Church and The Pop will appoint me
           as a “saint” and they will pretend that my burning was no conspiracy whatsoever.
           Then Pope, authorities of Church, and the governments of the world shall declare that
            a psycho killer had burned “Saint Joan of Arc” just for a personal reason.
            And you will be arrested, sentenced to be burned because of your crime of burning a saint.
                                   (Guard hardly slaps on Joan face.)
Guard:      You slut have opened your legs for ten thousands dick cock tramps and pimps.
           You have given them very satisfactory fuck. So they have accepted you as their whore leader.
            They have hanged your stinky bloody short on their dicks as the flag of their criminal gang.  
            Now you put down your torn bloody ass here, playing a saint and telling fortune?
Joan:        (Suffering of pain.) What I told you is the reflection of your acts in your life!
              It is the fate of all torturers and prison guards.
                                 (Guard kicks and hits Joan.)                 
Guard:        Now I fuck you wide with this cross that your bloody musty vagina become crucified and
              you asshole can disguise as Holly Virgin as well.
                           (Guard takes a small cross and rushes to Joan and aims it at her groin and pushes.)
Joan:            (Trying holding back.) Get lost.
                             (Joan kicks Guard with her foot.)
Guard:           Oh, this rage makes you much sexier. I can’t resist you.
                   (Guard holds Joan and lustfully kisses her lips.)
                   (Joan tries to push away the Guard.)
Joan:                Let me loose!
                  (Guard tries again to kiss Joan. There is a knock on the door. Guard is disturbed.
                  Joan uses the fortune and runs away to the other side. Another knock on the door.)
Guard:                (Shouts!) Who is it?
Reporter:        (From outside) Please open the door!
Guard:                 (Upset!) Who is it?
Reporter:        (Outside) I am Reporter.
Guard:                What the hell is a reporter doing here?
                   (Guard opens the door. The Reporter puts a step inside.)
Guard:                Who are you?
Reporter:        (Walks in, showing her card.) I am the Reporter.
Guard:                So what?
Reporter:        I work for the International Correspondence Agency, I.C.A.   
                  I am here to do something about the case of “Joan of Arc.”
Guard:            Who permitted you come here?
Reporter:        Look! I have permissions from t
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"Joan of Arc"