Love of Hamlet
A page of the play: Love of Hamlet

(Hamlet starts looking around the stage for the puppet of Ophelia.
At last he finds it in a safe   place alike a chest or so.
Then he starts talking with the puppet of Ophelia.)
Hamlet:       All the time I am sending the waves of my love from the mirror of my heart to
your heart’s mirror.
I wish that you would be here my dear Ophelia.
(Ophelia arrives.)
Ophelia:        Hamlet.
Hamlet:        You? Ophelia?
Ophelia:        Yes.
Hamlet:        How could you come here?
Ophelia:        I am the spirit of Ophelia.
Hamlet:         Spirit?
Ophelia:        Yes, I am the spirit of Ophelia.
Hamlet:         Am I dreaming?
Ophelia:        You are not dreaming my poor softhead Hamlet.
Take this apple and eat it that you be sure you are not dreaming.
Hamlet:          O, my lovely softhearted Ophelia, how could you come to this nasty
boat on this unknown sea?
Ophelia:        I was waiting and waiting for a long time about five hundreds years.
But you neither came-back, nor send a message.     
So I mustered up my soul’s energy and sent my spirit out of my body
and I looked for you everywhere, till I found you here.  
Hamlet:        O’ my love, how strange.
Ophelia:        It seems strange, but it happened, because I decided it.
Hamlet:        No soul can believe it.
Ophelia:        People have seen the ghost of Hamlet the Great on the stage that
appeared and talked to you about his death. People have seen t
he ghost of witches on the tragedy of Macbeth.
People have seen The Holly spirit of Jesus after his martyrdom.
People have seen the appearance of Gods, ghost, spirits and devils
at least in the ancient dramas.
So it is easy to believe the appearance of my spirit on the stage
as a character in a play.
Hamlet:        But where is your lovely body?
Ophelia:        She lies down in my bed.
Hamlet:        O’ your lovely warm bed. I missed it always.
Ophelia:        It missed you too.
Hamlet:        But if someone opens the door and finds your lovely body defenseless,
what will happen?        
Ophelia:        Don’t worry I arranged everything in order.
Hamlet:        How my love?
Ophelia:        As you remember about our loneliness, I used to lock the door
of my bedroom from inside.
Hamlet:        How faithful and virtuous you are. Now you can stay with me forever.
Ophelia:        No, I have to go, because of my absence in the house, they will start to look
for me and at the end they
will break down my bedroom’s door and will find my spiritless body.
Sure they will think that I am dead, and they will bury my body.
Hamlet:        Why didn't  you bring here your lovely body?
Ophelia:        It was heavy; I was not so strong to carry it.
I only could carry my spirit and an apple for you because I thought
maybe you haven’t ate apple for
a long time on this boat.
Hamlet:        What a pity! Anyhow sit down and we will have a drink with our glass.
(Hamlet shows her a glass.)        
Ophelia:        Sorry that I can’t drink, I am a spirit.
Hamlet:        So, I don’t drink too.
Ophelia:        Hamlet, I came here to warn you about a danger.
Hamlet:        Which danger?
Ophelia:        Claudius has sent two skillful terrorists to find and kill you.
Hamlet:        Why?
Ophelia:        Because you are a danger for his regime.
Hamlet:        But I have done nothing against him.
Ophelia:        You, yourself onetime told me that every regime needs an enemy
to frighten people and use that fear for   
keeping them quiet. Do you remember?
Hamlet:        I remember.
Ophelia:        You said that if even there wouldn’t be really any enemy, a system
will make it in the minds of the people
and will use it every time that wants.
Hamlet:         Yes, I said it.
Ophelia:        Now Claudius needs to show that you are the most dangerous enemy
for our nation and our country.
There are lots of news that you are the leader of a full-armed
resistance group that is waiting for a                 
fortune  to attack to the country.
Hamlet:        How stupidly news!
Ophelia:        And now two full-armed expert killers are looking for everywhere
to find and kill you in a jiffy.         
Hamlet:        I haven’t any weapon to defend myself.
Ophelia:        Why didn’t you go to England?
Hamlet:        I went, but they deported me, because I am an opponent painter and poet.
Ophelia:        You could go to the other countries.
Hamlet:        None of all countries accepted me.
Ophelia:        Why?
Hamlet:         Because I am an artist, an opposed against the dictatorship.
Ophelia:        But really what are you doing here?
Hamlet:        Sometime painting or writing a poem. You can see some of them here.
Ophelia:        I haven’t enough time to look and read these kinds of stuffs.
Hamlet:         And sometime I make puppets and make a play.
Ophelia:        Hamlet, you should be an Emperor and we both would be a happy family
and have beautiful children.
Hamlet:        I don’t like to be an Emperor.
Ophelia:        Why?
Hamlet:         Because a ruler must to kill people to keep safe his power, and I don’t like
to bother any creature.