Love of Antigone
A page of the play: Love of Antigone

Antigone :
We, the whole of us live with our dreams.
Without dreams the whole of us are soulless, wandering bodies.
The whole of us were born out of desires, live in dreams, and die with rues .
But I, Antigone, have neither rues nor desires, nor any dreams any more!
I have to get ready for death .
But what am I guilty of?
And my love, Haemon, is being held outside of this place and shall be killed after my death.
But  why?
According to the myth, Antigone was imprisoned in a cave, made a rope with her dress and
hanged herself.
Then her beloved, Haemon, being made aware of Antigone's  death, killed himself with a sword.
Now, Haemon, my love, do listen to me ! I got this death warrant through the fax machine,
listen:(Due to disobedience  from the order of Creon, the ruler of Thebes, Antigone is
imprisoned and sentenced to death. She has to kill herself using any of the instruments in this
room: the rope, the dagger, the poisoned coffee or the revolver. She is free to choose any one
of them. Then her fiancé , Haemon, out of desperation for his sweetheart's death , shall commit
Haemon, why don't they kill me themselves?
Is it to pretend that their hands are not smeared with the blood of a girl?
So, if I kill myself, would the whole world keep rotating anew in its regular orbit?
Haemon, why do you have to die? Just because of your love for me !?
Haemon, my love, during our time at the university and even after that, you and I were dreaming
that the whole world was made just for our pleasure.
You and I , were running around lovingly , and the wind caressing our disheveled  flaming hair .
At that time ,the plague had not invaded the city yet.
At that time ,  Creon had not seized the power yet.
And now the whole of the audience is waiting for my committing suicide by means of this rope,
this cup of coffee, this dagger, that revolver or, according to the myth, with my own dress. Then
you shall kill yourself and the tragedy will be perfect. Then the whole of the audience will go to
their  houses with their minds at peace ; not only because these events took place a long
historical time ago , but that they , themselves , could never be haunted by such an awful fate
The soldiers and guards,  pleased, shall go back to their dormitories. The undertaker shall bury
our bodies , receiving a good wage.
The whole of the people are with their minds at rest, because Antigone, the rebellious
lawbreaker, the principal guilty one, is dead !
Then , once again , the world will go on turning around under Creon's  rule and he will rest with
no botheration . Until some time in the future another soul will be accused and sacrificed.
Haemon , do know for sure that you and I will never be sacrificed. You and I were running
joyfully along the winding alleys. At the countryside, by the river, we drank a
cup of coffee and returned cheerfully . I used to put  orange blossoms on my hair and the
plague had not invaded the city yet.
You and I used to sit by the "Pantheon", biting our sandwiches . In the evening, mostly , you
I would leave the university, walking through "Ominous" square and into "Athena" street . Then
we would go to the "Plaka" alleys, near the "Acropolis" , and danced there.
Haemon, how immensely you enjoyed dancing.
I was running on the plains, looking for newborn flowers and I wished that my parents would
caress our children in the future. But today, childless, with no fruition , I am waiting for death.
And you, with a dagger on your throat, have no right to move or even say a word.
In the midst of our dreamy happiness, suddenly, the plague fell over the city. All of the people
started looking  for a remedy.
There was no  way to cure nor to  rescue.  The whole of the people felt pitiably in meanness
and sordidness .