About photography of (Bodies’ exhibition in a museum in Amsterdam):

After communications, Emails, phone-calls… between managers of the
RegioMedia and managers of the museum, at last I got permission to make
photos and video from the bodies.
On Thursday morning RegioMedia got the permission from the museum and
immediately inform me that: Rajab, these are rules of the museum, you are
not obliged to make photos there, but if you like to do it, then we have to
accept their rules.

The rules of the museum were very strict and strong: No flashing for
photography, no photo from foetus, no.. no..….
If I want to shoot, I have to accept the rules and  I have only one day time to
shoot just that day <Thursday> and the RegioMedia must accept to
broadcast the photos and video immediately the day after,<Friday> and not
delay on it!

It was a challenge, so immediately I accepted to shoot in the museum that
I had to cancel other shooting that day and postpone an appointment and
travel to Amsterdam to the museum.
And I called a colleague for barrowing an especial camera-lens that would
help for making photo in the parts of the dim light of the museum.
Luckily she was home and didn’t put me down.
She kindly brought the lens in the Central Station of Amsterdam.
In the museum the rules were very strict as have been informed and security
was very tight.

The museum was crowded of visitors from many nationalities.
I could hear people speaking English<British accent>, Spanish, German and
French and Dutch with different accents from different areas of Holland and
Can say about %80 of the visitors were ladies.
And as I can understand Dutch and English, many of them were very high-
educated people, because they were discussing issues about the bodies in
high level of knowledge..  

But no-one was permitted to carry a photo-or-video camera in the museum.
Even the bags or knapsack were searched.
Even cell-phone access to mobile-camera was not allowed.

I was the only one that could carry cameras!
I was carrying a heavy knapsack <about 10 kg> containing batteries, lenses,
and holding a video camera and hanging at my neck a heavy photo-camera.

Being the only person to have camera rose-up the jealousy of high-educated
So that I got the most problems from some of those charming beautiful ladies
that their jealousy was flaming up.

When I wanted to make a picture, many times one or two of them stayed
between me and the subject, her back to the camera, and wouldn’t move for
a long time.
Whole the time, I was holding camera focusing, waiting a moment that the
lady would move and give me a second possibility for a shot.

And whole that time, I had other camera hanging from my neck and still
carrying my heavy knapsack.
When that lady herself was tired of standing there, she pointed to her fried to
take her place.
I had just one second of shooting in the time of replacement of the ladies.  
During shooting the video they were crueler.
Sometime when I was shooting a shot, one of the ladies bumped to me
pushing me away.
Sometimes from both sides two of them bumped and say: Excuse me Sir!
And walking away!
Sometime other lady with such behavior said: No photo permito photo Senior!
Other time other lady bumped and said: Geen foto menheer!
Other time other lady bumped and said: Nein, Nein!
Other time other lady speak in French with the same meaning!
And they knew that I had also to care of the cameras not being damaged!
So those intelligent ladies knew my weak-situation in that moment.  
Sometime they appear at the front of my lens and making funny faces and
immediately walking away.
Even some of them suddenly dragged the Press-card hanging from my neck
and laughing and saying: No photo Sir!
When I was interviewing some people, some of those ladies shook my hand
and saying: No Video Sir!
Geen video Menheer!

Such wild-cruel behavior I had never faced even with the analphabet people
in very far villages.
And it was very strange!
I didn’t know these ladies. And they didn’t know me.
Sure they didn’t know each other from different nationalities.
But something has united them without any border!
They were united under some kind of feeling. Sure it was jealousy.
And with their jealousy they did what, that no one has any explanation.  
Sometimes their eyes shone so furious that if there were not a museum and
they were not scared from security in that place, maybe numbers of them
would smash me of break down my cameras.
I could see that flame in their faces and eyes.

That day till evening I was carrying whole heavy devices and knapsack and
looking for a second of opportunity for making photos and video.

None sleep, whole the night I was editing the video and working on the
The day after<Friday> the Regio-Media broadcasted the photos and video.
The result was absolute successfully and pleasantly.
But one question remained with me: Does high-educating help us to be less
Or in the contrary it upgrades it?

I don’t have any explanation for it. Do you have?