Orange Girl
Summer 2003. Location: Dam Square Amsterdam, Holland!

In Dam Square Amsterdam  every day street performers are performing different
performances in different clothes. Some of them interesting some…
In Summer 2003 for two weeks appeared a girl-performers that was glorious.
She as a street performer, performed a marvelous amazing dance.
About two weeks, every afternoon, around 4 p.m. she came there and
performed till around 5 p.m.
She was Irish and had come to Holland for a summer vacation.
For watching her performance, every day afternoon I traveled from my city to
Amsterdam to see her performance.

Many tourists made photo from her as usual.

But she realized that I am serious about photography from her.
So for making photos from her I had to pay her for every click of Camera.
She knew the value of her work.
And she knew how exactly to gesture for camera during her performance.

After two weeks that I had numbers of her photos printed, I went to Amsterdam
to give her the photos, but I didn't find her. She was gone.
Maybe return to Ireland. Who knows!!

But she had found very excellent way of earning some money during her
summer vacation in Holland.
And I like to share number of the photos that I have made from her.
Click to her photos in large size