Lady Maria van Soldt
Such amazing unique character that very few can find in the world.
She was 101 years of the aged. She was still active and want to make
something for her grandchildren. She was full of energy and full of life
and full of respect for every one.
She was one of the unique who had respect for art and the work of the
The city that I am living in Purmerend, has about one hundred thousands
I have gave many photographs to the people but one person in ten
thousands wanted to pay me and knew that I have to be paid. Other
people have took the photograph and didn’t mention any word that it is
my work and have to be paid.
Lady van Soldt was the only person in this city that when I gave her
printed photos she wanted to pay me. I didn’t want to get money.

She made an statement that the artist have three times more right to their
wage than other people because they work with their mind, their sense
and their bodies all altogether. So they have right for three times salary
that people with other jobs.
I laughed that how she doesn't know that most the artsist live under line of
the pouverty, beacuse they don't get their wage for their work.

At last I didn’t accept her money. But she gave me a gift. A ball that she
had made from colored wool. Still that colored-woolen-ball is in my living
Every Friday afternoon he has this habit to go to the restaurant of the
Pension House. Order one crocket and a glass of white wine.
Sipping the wine for about two hours and then return to her room and
make a phone call to  her daughter! Such warm vivid character she was
even at the age of 101!!!!   

Lady van Soldt died in 2004, be in peace.
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