Snow in Holland,
March 2005, several days was snowing in The Netherland.
Many people told that haven’t fall such snow in past thirty years.
Some people said there was not such snow in past 40 years.
Numbers said that in past 50 years haven’t seen such heavy snow and for such long time
I met a lady that joyfully was playing with her great-grand-child in snow.
She said that in her 76 years age haven’t seen such snow!!!!
But I remembered that in 1996 I made photos on heavy snow in Holland. Two of them are on
this side. For example the photo by the name:  
Auschwitz  or the photo Occupy.
But anyhow in that snow I tried my best for photography in the snow just in my own style.
Numbers of them are on the next pages. I hope that I will find more time and put more of
those photos on this website.  
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